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Quote about physical limits

The lines traced by architects contain the power of their future materialization and we must use them with great caution and concern. A line on a white page has the ability to split two milieus from each other in reality. That is why I think of the Funambulist (i.e. tight rope walker) as a strong symbol of freedom as he experiences the paradoxical freedom of his five centimeters wide world. By walking on those same lines of power, he is not imprisoned in any of the two milieus that the line delimits. The most famous photographs of November 9th 1989 do not show East Berliners crossing the wall to reach West Berlin after twenty eight years of separation, but rather shows the thousand of Berliners who sat or stood over the edge of the wall as an expression of its power’s obsolescence.

Here was just an extract from the article Architectural Theories /// Impetus on the Funambulist. The rest of it makes a good point about politics in the architectural practice.

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