Landscape down below, or beauty of the mine

Posted by eliane on 15th July 2014 in In English, Photos

more pics of abandoned mines here

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Work on your perspective with Luca Zanier

Posted by eliane on 18th May 2014 in Photos

Not sure these pics are from our world, from the future or from spaceships but they certainly impose respect!





More details and photos by the artist here.

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A closer look on materials

Posted by eliane on 4th April 2014 in In English, Matériaux, Photos

Linden Gledhill gives you this fantastic insight into different materials such as butterflies wings, snowflakes or some fluids I couldn’t spell properly. Just enter the magic world of the tiny !




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Amazing post-soviet architecture

Posted by eliane on 25th February 2014 in In English, Photos

 More pics here

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Mise en scène

Posted by eliane on 10th February 2014 in Photos

4 images acollées ? ou une mise en scène parfaite ?!

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Posted by eliane on 4th February 2014 in Photos

After beautiful sections of antic architecture, discover astonishing food sections, by photographer Beth Galton.

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Untouched 1942 apartment in Paris

Posted by eliane on 3rd January 2014 in In English, Photos

In 1942, Madame de Florian fled to the South of France during the WW2 and left her apartment as is for over 70 years. As Madame de Florian paid her rent until her death, it was only in 2010 that was discovered this real “time capsule” from an other age. Every furniture, painting, objects and decoration compose a scenery of these lost years of 1940′s.

See the source of this tail and more details on

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No need for Ikea

Posted by eliane on 15th December 2013 in In English, Photos

Korean photograph JeeYoung Lee creates a whole new world from her bedroom. No need to go to Ikea to furnish your life, create your own fantastic world! No photoshop in all of this, brilliant!





See more pictures here.

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Reshaping New York

Posted by eliane on 14th October 2013 in In English, Photos, Urbanisme

Here are interesting graphics and pictures showing the reshaping of NYC during the past few years. It’s pretty impressive how much has changed !

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Between science and art, there is magic

Posted by eliane on 23rd September 2013 in Photos

Between science and art, see the architecture of sound with the magic work of Fabian Oefner. He explains his work and his vision in this talk at TEDxWarwick 2013.

YouTube Preview Image
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